...give me winter, give me dogs and you can keep the rest...

Greenland is not a goal but a lifestyle, it is not something to be photographed or observe, it is something to live to the fullest, air, ice, the muffled atmosphere with the snow, the iceberg noise in the sea, remain imprinted on you, forever. When you close your eyes you can even feel the freedom in this untouched world.

Air Greenland flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, a 500 people village. Arrived there the Greenlandic atmosphere hit you, thin and bitter air, snow on the peaks (even in August!) and one road that from the airport brings to different hostels. From the airport the destination is “Old Camp”, a small hostel a little bit outside the village very comfortable.

Kangerlussuaq means “big fjord”, has a lot of wild animals and plants, the peaks and the mountains are gentle and the main river arrives directly from the Ice Cap. Yes, THE Ice Cap! The Ice Cap hike is one of the most exciting thing that can be done in the surroundings. Touching with hands eternal glaciers after a good hike into the wilderness, is sensational. From the village is very easy to organize this hike. After about 50km driving with an off-road jeep inland, passing through the “arctic desert” and the Russel Glacier, the Ice Cap stands in front of you. From here onwards, there is only sea and glaciers until the North Pole. Walking on the Ice Cap is really emotional, the polar wind caresses your face and the glacier under you feed gently sizzling. Eating the classic sandwich sitting on this glacier is definitely amazing. The place is fantastic and, back to the hotel, after a good salmon dinner, new hikes have to be done and other places have to be discovered. The sun is still always there, very few dark hours in August!

Other flight to Ilulissat (really a pearl), UNESCO heritage 4500 people town. From the really beginning the journey is enjoyable, the flight between Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat is something unforgettable, it is possible to see a lot of icebergs, arctic glaciers, mountains and the Ice Cap, all things that make you feel very very small and insignificant. Ilulissat in Greenlandic means “the iceberg” which is completely true since from the permanent pack and the surroundings glaciers, a lot of icebergs collides between each other’s making a particular noise like a broken mirror. There is also the world’s second biggest glacier after Antarctica called Sermeq.

The “Ice Cap Apartment” has a beautiful view of the harbor where small icebergs gently hit the fishing boats. Ilulissat is a beautiful city with all the comforts, not to miss is the Greenlandic buffet dinner at Hotel Fark, amazing!

The “midnight sun crusade” is one of the typical excursion that has to be done, floating between giant icebergs, the nature appears in all its majesty. The landscape change continuously drawing and shaping beautiful moments every second. Outside of the boat, sipping a hot tea, is really one of the most enjoyable things in life. The lights and shades, remain imprinted in the mind all lifelong.

In the morning is hiking time! Backpack and let’s go listening the noise of the broken icebergs  colliding to each other’s and walking on the Greenlandic permafrost eating a sandwich in front of a glacier diving in the Arctic Ocean. With the hikes, there is the possibility to see really the wild Greenland.

Eqip Sermia! It is just a word but hides the real Greenland meaning. With a boat from Ilulissat, after 6 hours and about 80 km, it is possible to arrive in front a jewel. An ice wall, a calving glacier pushed from the Ice Cap into the Arctic Ocean. Birds, fishes and ice together in a perpetual exciting dance. Unforgettable experience.

Disko Bay! With an hydrofoil moving between the icebergs, it is possible to reach Qeqertarsuaq, a small town with about 1000 citizens in the Disko Isle. It is the most important port for whale hunting. Hotel Disko is the place to stay and the hikes in that island are really beautiful. Completely absorbed in the wilderness. Not to miss the open air fish market.

Greenland leaves something inside you that cannot be expressed through words. In thoughts, eyes, breath and hearth, Greenland leaves something unforgettable. Each single moment has to deeply enjoyed, what remains is full of magic as powerful as the island. In one word, Greenland!

Alex Battù background image