…are we human because we gaze at the stars or do we gaze at them because we are human?…

Once upon a time, there was a kid eager to discover the starry night wonders. Many years ago, at Christmas, in the middle of the living room, appeared a telescope: Nexstar 114GT. Thanks to it, for the first time, the eye arrived far beyond…until the Moon!

Some years later, a Newton Skywatcher 200/1000 (f/5) with a Skywatcher Synscan EQ6 mount replaced the Nexstar. It has been selected the Newton as, with its 200 mm mirror, has the capabilities to gather much more light from the deep space.

The fixed locations allowed me the purchase of a more performing instrument, currently I am photographing with:

P.R.O.: Pasqui Remote Observatory 1:
– Telescope: GSO 12” f/8 Truss
– Camera: QHY 268m (APS-C) with Antlia filters
– Mount: Skywatcher EQ8

P.R.O.: Pasqui Remote Observatory 2:
– Telescope: Tecnosky Fast 300 mm, f/3.4
– Camera: ASI 6200m (FF) with Chroma filters
– Mount: iOptron CEM 120

 All the pictures in this astrophotography section, are the results of many nights outside observing the deep space beauties.

The Moon

Deep Space