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Done 3182 km, 0,83%, out of 384’403 km for the Moon

Mountain Stats. Distance

Year 2020 45km
Year 2019 303km
Year 2018 551km
Year 2017 769km
Year 2016 462km
Year 2015 354km
Year 2014 411km
Year 2013 269km

Mountain Stats. Elevation D+

Year 2020 2755meters
Year 2019 20803meters
Year 2018 42737meters
Year 2017 64837meters
Year 2016 34707meters
Year 2015 26565meters
Year 2014 33124meters
Year 2013 17074meters

Mount Everest (8’848 m) climbed 28 times 

Once upon a time, there was a small turtle, named Alex, living in a city full of wonders. He began to see the world’s marvels very young thanks to a lift in a camping van from a human family. Travelling all over the Europe, he started to perceive the smells, the tastes and the spirit of many different places and cultures that, step by step, fully calcified in his heart and brain.

When I grow up, I want to travel in many different places like an adventurer! ” – said many years ago – until he saw a big mountain (compared to his turtle’s size) touching the starry night sky above it. “ Wow ” – he said – “ how it is possible to see the stars, or planets or even nebulae or galaxies… ”.

It was snowing outside and, watching through the small windows at his lair, with a cup of hot chocolate in his hands, he wrote, in a tick spider web stuck on the corner of his home, a small letter to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi (Finland), a place that visited years earlier. Surprisingly, few days later, strange apparatus arrived. “ That’s a telescope! ”. He thanked the spider and moved outside the equipment pointing towards the Moon, and then to a dark spot in the middle of the night sky which, unpredictably, wasn’t empty, but with a lot of stars, galaxies, clusters, nebulae. The sky was so close to him than was even possible to touch it!

What if I bring the telescope up to the mountain ” – he thought – thus, some days later, with special turtle boots, he started to climb the mountain, very slowly, as all the turtles are usually doing. This was just the beginning of a new era, an era of discoveries full of fresh and thin air, with the company of many different animals (very good friends) and with the possibilities to see astonishing landscapes.

During a climb, in a hot and sunny day, he met a pocket-size beautiful bug, with green eyes and dark hairs, riding a sweet cat. He started to talk with this strange couple and he discovered that, this bug, have a brand new camera and, thanks to the cat, she can take pictures mostly everywhere, the cat can climb everywhere, seeing the world from the highest points. Back to home, the turtle asked again to his spider friend a thick spider web and started to write, again, to Santa Claus, his desires.

A brand new, big, black, technological camera arrived in a cold December to his house under his Christmas tree. After having fed the reindeer that brought the package, immediately the turtle called the bug, and they went together up in a mountain to photograph everything they encountered until the summit.

He then started to read a lot of books and, through is computer, he started to develop his internet site. With his claws wasn’t so easy to type on the keyboard but, talking with his very good friend Alpine ibex, he bought the right one.

Now he’s grown up, and the camera, as well as the telescope, have been replaced with new ones, but the spirit inside his heart is the same, like before, like forever.

Thanks human family, thanks bug, thanks cat, thanks Alpine ibex and…finally…thanks little spider.  

Ah, I was about to forget, the turtle has become a Chemical Engineer and a Google Trusted Photographer.

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